D112 I don’t even know how this happens anymore


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No, I’m serious. I really don’t know how I do it anymore. I woke up this morning to a long winded story that I thought about posting here for my readers (I see you guys) to see. Then I thought against it. Instead, I shared a bit of it with a close friend. (It’s cool, having those.) She was completely floored and I was laughing. Yeah. Laughing. Seriously, how desperate can one person be? I am suddenly picturing the man in question walking up to me in a leather jacket, bald and with an eye patch spewing random words at me before saying, “You have made me VERY desperate.” Oh. Okay.

Onto other news. I went to the bathroom on the first floor a moment ago. Well, a few moments ago. I almost opened the door to a stall with someone in it. But they didn’t move. I didn’t think anything of it. Instead I went to the bathroom in the next stall but as I looked down…no feet movement yet again. Fairly large legs and run down sneakers. I flushed, came out. I washed my hands. Something told me one of two things…get out of there, fast OR stay and ask was the person alright, or asleep. I left the bathroom and hovered by the door and suddenly I heard a sound like a gasp. I hurried away quickly.


I swear he looks like he’s saying “why are you doing this?” I’ve been watching too much Orphan Black.

I had a very intense dream last night. My ex had been hooking up with quite a few women. Women I knew from high school even. And I was highly upset with him. Upset enough to visit his house. I get there, bid hello to his brother and then proceed to tearfully ask him why he “lied” to me. Then after a moment I have a sudden flash back? Or flash forward? Suddenly, I’ve not only had sex with Kyuhyun of Super Junior but at a later occasion with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. I…have no idea where…these dreams come from. Normally, when I have sex dreams they are because I want to have sex. I’ve not had sex in a long while and have had very high desire to but…Kyuhyun and Patrick could not be any farther from one another in reference if I had tried. Especially since the last thing I watched before going to sleep was Linkin Park. SO confusing.

The confused yet again by erotic dreams, dangerous poopsters and clones, Mar Morg, D112.

D111 Diva’s division is kinda lacking


Seriously what can the WWE do to make the Diva’s division more intense. Since Lita, it’s gone downhill. I think unfortunately, what happened is the divas linked to men in the industry get the attention and the solos are just too plentiful. And they’re trying to test them for screams.

Oksana just came out and since there was no applause, they cut her music and started Paige’s. Kinda upsetting. Imagine coming out to NO applause. :/ Women’s division was doing better when it was all about parading around in bras and panties. Remember the infamous bra and panties matches?

Sexist. But then again, not really. These women get hurt just as bad as the men do.

The pale skinned banshee roar of Mar Morg, D111.

D109 Just tell me you love me


I decided to wait until the end of the day to blog. I may have messed up my body. My natural function has not yet started. This is kind of scary to think about. It isn’t something I haven’t thought about. But the sudden pains in my arms and legs. I don’t feel happy about that. I hope this is reversible. I don’t want to have done nothing with my life in my twenties to not be able to in my thirties.

I don’t know if you are reading this, probably not. But I miss you. I can’t help it. I miss you.

No words can express the cocktail of emotions inside of Mar Morg, D109

D108 I can’t forget


Yeah, I’m bitter.
I’m not even bitter. I am sour.
So sour that even chemists can’t
dissect me. I am angry.
Not even angry. Irate.
Insane with rage and discontent.
A court couldn’t settle the issues
inside of me.

-Esha (Marcelene Morgan)