D104 If this is to end in fire, then you burn by yourself!



Today was one of those days that started off really early, peaked at noon and made me realize, I should not be blogging this early in the morning. I should be blogging when the day is done. But that’s why I have the ability now to do “EDITS” because like I used to do when I used to blog, I realize that I randomly have too much or not enough to say on specific days.

I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I liked it more than the first Hobbit movie, that’s for sure. Someone who has read the books from The Hobbit all the way down to the final Lord of the Rings…does Gandalf ALWAYS LEAVE WHEN SHIT GOES DOWN!? He is known for making plans and then walking away when he’s needed to go on some other errand.

He reminds me of that one friend that comes up with the heinously stupid plan and then dips right as the plan begins. And that’s the friend who has the important information or the useful item.

It’s like splitting the party. Stop splitting the party! Either way, I see a lot of people angry about the ending.

It’s a trilogy. It’s supposed to end that way. It’s only the second movie.

Then I thought about watching Game of Thrones again. I cannot. People I want to die are still living and breathing and existing. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Just tell me what happens in the book and that’s okay with me. I’m okay with characters dying but then again, the ones I want to die are still alive. No bueno.

The musings of Mar Morg, D104.

D103 Ya’ll don’t know the half. This Sh!t get real!




I am having far too many “feelings” and it doesn’t help that I’m late by a week or so. It’s normal after taking pills. My system is restarting. Not cool but whatever.

I’ve been listening to songs that make me emotional. No not the Iggy A song in the title. But I’ve been hearing the words “somebody misses you when you’re away…oh somebody loves you.” And I freaking miss him. I hate this! I HATE THESE DAMN FEELINGS!

The terribly upset bullshit feelings of Mar Morg, D103.

D102 I am not a Coal Miner’s Daughter


But that movie is definitely on. I don’t have much to say today. I don’t even have gifs right now. I took a nap at 3pm and decided to get up around 5 or 6 the latest. I woke up in the dark and stretched. “It must be around 7.” And then i checked my ipad. It’s 10pm.

I almost didn’t get to update!

The exhaustion of Mar Morg, D102.

D101 Swing! Never, never give up!



So the gif is from a Big Bang video and I’m pretty sure that I only posted it because I am a girl and I’m supposed to crave such interactions. But it’s cool. I’ve been watching shows like Bate’s Motel (eh), Those Who Kill (oh), WWE Raw and Smackdown (ah) and of course Surving Jack (ih?) So my brain is all over the place.

Last night I had a Law and Order SVU dream. I helped my cousin with our laundry and that means I was out from 9 am to 11:30pm and was so tired that I just collapsed.

Today, I just want to drink margarita and eat shrimp. I feel so bad. I got this text last night and my only response after a moment of “sad” and “I should text back” was “RAGE”. So I didn’t.

I guess when it’s over, it’s really over.

The conflicted emotions of Mar Morg, D101.


D100 Chasing the sun


tumblr_n3taeeYCLE1rc7x7co8_r1_250 tumblr_n3taeeYCLE1rc7x7co4_r1_250

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the new format!

There’s nothing special about it except the title and now I will be hopefully finding two gifs to focus on what I feel each day. We have reached 100 days on this blog! Two hundred and sixty four days left!

I want to thank all of those who have been reading up until now. Your support however invisible means a lot to me. Don’t be afraid to comment me sometimes, okay?

A couple of things happened. I took a math test today and I am fairly certain that I passed! I only got three wrong but let’s see if my teacher acts like an assbutt.

I am ridding myself of all negative points. They served their purpose. Now it’s time to put on the game face. I’ll miss some of them. But one day, and that day is today, you will all learn that there are consequences for playing the part of the monster. Sooner or later, it always dies.

I am about to print a paper and kill an hour or two outside because…SO NICE. So bye!

-The Hopeful times of Mar Morg, D100.


Yeah, I do edits now. Posting this from facebook. Because yes. I love that I had this dream.

So it’s no secret that I have clear crushes and secret lives with fictional characters. I love this because, I control it. It’s my mental tower. No one can penetrate the defenses…except Ric, because he’s satan and all. HOWEVER, last night, I managed to not watch Criminal Minds. I watched Law and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit instead and I have no idea how this happened but I dreamed in Criminal Minds verse.

Usually when I watch L&O:SVU, I dream that I’m Benson’s partner or something. Last night I dreamed that I was about to be inducted as a BAU agent with Hotch and Rossi’s team in CM. And Hotch suddenly says, “Reid” and both myself and Spencer answer. The others stare at us strange. Hotch says “You gonna tell them?” and like, half grins. Hotch only smiles when the sun sets and unicorns spit blood lol. I kid. Spencer smiles at me and I sit on a desk. “I suppose it’s the right time,” Spencer begins. “We had decided that the day Angel (my mental name) becomes an official agent of the BAU we would, get married.” Morgan high fives, Spencer. Good times are had by JJ and Prentiss. Rossi starts to cheering. Then Hotch, ever monotone, says “So, from now on we will have Dr. Reid and Agent Reid.”

I am NOT mad at my dream. I’m just saying, I write better fan fictions in my sleep than I do awake. lol. — feeling amused

Edit 2:


Day Ninety-Nine


Ladies and gentlemen! This is a wonderful and sad day. I began my day by hearing that The Ultimate Warrior had passed away after having seen him just two days ago! I am devastated as is most of the wrestling fandom and his family. But they say with all tragedies come good news. The mystical irony of life.

I later went on to my department meeting in which along with a “this is not the end” talk, I received pamphlets to the wellness center to go over such events that have caused me trauma and pain. I received a specific tutor for math and a chance to engage in one on one tutoring for the rest of this semester (where it is critical. Only 4 more chances, two tests, a quiz and the final) to gain a good grade. I must get A’s in my other classes and seeing as I already have B-’s in two and an A in one, I’m almost there. And now I will gain tutoring so I’m good.

I found that I had a hold on my registration. What was it? My third hep shot. I went to the medical center and did that and charged the school. Hold removed and registering possible.

Then right outside was an RV set up for STI and HIV testing. Why not? I go in and get myself tested. For two STI’s I wait for the results two weeks. However, I am HIV neg. SO! This all took TWO HOURS and I was off to math class WHERE I understood ALL THE CONCEPTS taught today!

I feel like today will be great! I almost cried! Speaking of which…I got an injection in the left arm, blood drawn from the right arm and a prick to the finger on my left middle finger…didn’t even flinch (well, maybe half a flinch, that prick for the finger is NEVER just a prick.) I’m getting better at needles.

Last night, my cousin wanted pizza and I told my aunt and cousin that if we get fast food, I would only get Subway. I stuck to it! Titi got subway and cous got her philly cheese sub. Either way, I am doing great!

Rewarding myself with potato chips, some chocolate (pms) and MOUNTAIN DEW.

One last test. A second pregnancy test tonight and then I…write a paper and prepare for a test.

We lost an Ultimate Warrior today, but I became one as well.

RIP Ultimate Warrior.

Day ninety-nine, complete. Tomorrow, a new format!